You should know: The over-50 Market

Adults 50 and older are a largely overlooked market segment when it comes to advertising and marketing investment. That's a surprising fact when you consider that this group:

  • Controls more than 77% of all disposable income in the US

  • Is the fastest growing demographic group in the US comprising 37% today and rising to 45% by 2015

  • Spend more than $1.6 trillion annually on goods and services

You may not know it but households headed by someone aged 55-64 have 15 times the spending power of those 35 and younger! What's more, people over fifty buy for their children, grandchildren, their parents and even themselves. That means they buy things that may surprise you.

Don't fall prey to the old stereotypes; older customers are a new opportunity! Let us show you how you can reach these great customers right here in our community. By sponsoring a listing on our website you will raise awareness about your business and you'll be helping us make this a great place for older adults to live and age in the community. Click here to learn more.