Customers support socially-responsible businesses

By supporting our organization, you'll raise awareness -- in the larger community -- of your business' commitment to the community and attract customers who choose socially-responsible businesses over competitors. Most importantly, you'll help older adults age well right here, where they want to be.

The Facts

  • 91 percent of consumers believe businesses should support causes important to the community in which they do business

  • 88 percent of Americans say it's acceptable for companies to involve a cause or issue in their marketing

  • 85 percent of consumers have a more positive image of a company when it supports a cause they care about.

We'd like to connect our members to you. Our members are committed to this community and the businesses that serve it. Become a sponsor and make the connection.

The Benefits

  • Deeper connections with your customers

  • Increased loyalty

  • Higher visibility within a sought-after demographic

  • Broad reach at a low cost  

Supporting a good cause and reaching the best customers; that's a great investment of your marketing dollars!

Become a sponsor now.

Sponsors' Window Decal

We want to help spread the word that your business supports all older adults in our community. That's why we supply this window decal to let everyone know that you welcome older adults and want their business.