We want you to be successful

We consider our sponsors to be partners, not just advertisers, and we want you to succeed. That's why we charge one flat rate that allows you to make as many special offers* as you want.

Our listings create a better connection with your existing customers and introduces your business to new ones. Using our daily offers email, you may decide to send us a pre-sale notice, host an information seminar or offer our members a few open tables on a slow day.

We don't charge you a percentage of the transaction or ask that you offer discounts you can't afford. We just encourage you to offer reasonable discounts directly to our members.

We're more flexible than your younger customers, so we might be able to fill that appointment cancellation, or come in for a meal when you need the business.

Creating your listing is fast and easy.

Just choose a plan, fill out the required information and we'll do the rest to connect you with an audience that has buying power and is interested in supporting businesses that support their community.

When members search for products or services they need, your business listing will appear in the Community Sponsors section of the search results.


A Growing Network of Communities

Our community is growing and it's part of a much larger movement of older adults forming organizations to support livable communities. There are several other organizations in our area and when you sponsor us your listing is also presented to any of our network partners' members in the geographical area. When folks from other communities see your listing they can subscribe to your offers* -- extending your reach and return on investment.


* Daily email offers are part of Premium sponsorship plan

Sponsors' Window Decal

We want to help spread the word that your business supports all older adults in our community. That's why we supply this window decal to let everyone know that you welcome older adults and want their business.