Building a Better Community Together

We're all in this together and proud to have the support of many local partners; all of whom further the mission of making our community a great place to grow older.

All of these partners and many others listed on the Main Street Connections page share our commitment to making our community safe and keeping our older citizens right here...where they want to be!

You can learn more about how our partners can help you by following the links to their pages on our website. 

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Barberton Active Adult Center

Barberton Active Adult Center

Provides recreational and educational opportunities and services to meet the needs and improve the quality of life for all older adults. The City of Barberton operates an Active Adult Center in an effort to provide senior adults with various recreational opportunities. The staffing for the Active Adult Center consists of one full-time employee and several part-time employees. The costs of operations are paid from the proceeds of a trust and are accounted for as an agency fund. Active Adult Center employees report to the Director of Parks & Recreation. Membership is $20/yr for Barberton residents and $25/yr for non-residents.

To learn more visit their website.