Building a Better Community Together

We're all in this together and proud to have the support of many local partners; all of whom further the mission of making our community a great place to grow older.

All of these partners and many others listed on the Main Street Connections page share our commitment to making our community safe and keeping our older citizens right here...where they want to be!

You can learn more about how our partners can help you by following the links to their pages on our website. 

Partners Partners


Summit County Health Dept


Summit County Public Health

The mission of Summit County Public Health is to protect and advance the health of the entire community through its policies, programs and activities that protect the safety, health and well-being of the people in Summit County.

The Clinical Health Services Division offers a wide variety of services which focus on disease prevention, health promotion and control of communicable diseases.  Some of the division's programs serve all members of the community, while others are targeted to groups that are vulnerable to poor health outcomes.

The Division of Community Health has four main focus areas: population-based prevention, care coordination and case management, early childhood and access to healthcare.  We employ a multi-disciplinary approach to service provision, utilizing registered nurses, licensed social workers, and health educators.

Environmental public health addresses the interrelationships between human health and the environment.  The environment does not only include the natural environment and natural hazards but also the human-built environment and the unintended human contribution to illness and harm on human health.  SCPH addresses these threats through a multi-dimensional approach: public education, regulation, monitoring, remediation, coalition building and advocacy.

Visit their website to learn more.