It's time to think of older customers as a new opportunity

It's time to think of older customers as a new opportunity


We Want to Be Your Best Customers

If you're being inundated with pitches from daily deals and other discount sites, you may be wondering if this is just one more of those pitches.  After all, the last thing you need is more customers that come for a special deal and then never come back. 

Community Connections listings are different because it is your link to a fast-growing organization of older adults who have joined together to help each other remain in our own homes and in our own communities as we grow older. We are committed to each other, to our community, and to the businesses in it. We may be talking about your business already. Click here to find out what we're saying, maybe you should join the conversation.

Make Quality Connections

Connections you can afford

You don't need to give away the store to get people in the door -- once. Our Community Connections directory is the best way to reach great customers with offers that make sense for you and for them. We have two very affordable plans to ensure that you make the connections you need. Basic Community Sponsors can create their own listing page complete with logo, company description, standard discounts, opening hours, and special amenities offered to older adults. In addtion to Basic benefits, Premium sponsors can create offers which are emailed daily to our community. All this for one flat price. There are no individual deal costs or up front fees per offer.

Create the right connections at the right time. Now you can offer your best customers direct discounts for the kind of business you want. Have slow days during the week? Let us know, we're flexible. Trying to get the word out about your professional services? Invite us to a seminar at your location.


We're growing!

Can you reach a faster growing market than adults over 50? You may be surprised when you find out more. Someone in the US turns 50 every seven seconds; that's a lot of birthday cake!

Learn more about our Community Connections directory. It's a lot more than just advertising. By supporting us you are showing your support for the well-being of the community. That's not just a good thing to do, it's a smart thing to do. Customers prefer businesses that give back and there's data to prove it.

Already convinced? Check out your options here.

Need help with creating and editing a partner listing? Creating an offer? Click here.